Die Jahrhundertlawine on Air Feb. 08th 2009

Tonight, Feb. 8th 2009 at 08.15 pm, german TV Broadcaster “RTL” shows “Die Jahrhundertlawine”. The TV drama is based on the catastrophe on Feb. 23th 1999 when an Alpine avalanche killed 31 people in the small Alpine village of Galtür, Austria. We worked on lots of Compositing Shots for this show, integrating CG Elements, Mattepaintings and also Greenscreen Extractions, back in August / September at CA Scanline in Munich.
Watch the trailer at RTL-TV Program

Mogadischu on Air on Nov. 30th 2008

On November the 30th 2008 „Das Erste“ is broadcasting the feature film „Mogadischu“ at 8:15pm. The movie tells the tragic story of the skyjacked „Landshut“ in 1977.
We worked on several Compositing Shots such as Greenscreen Extraction and CG Integration on this show back in August/September at ScanlineVFX in Munich.
Watch the trailers at