Total Recall

Total Recall
We finished our work on Sony Pictures’ Total Recall. We started on this project 8 months ago, still working for Double Negative Visual Effects in London, and after this long and exhausting journey, it is finally done and our holidays are in sight.
Eva worked on some exciting big shots for this movie while Sebastian looked over 140 shots as Lead Compositor on the Elevator Chase Sequence.

Release dates are the 03.08.2012 in the United States, 16.08.2012 in Germany and the 29.08.2012 in the UK.

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John Carter

It actually has been a while since we finished our work on John Carter. Directed by Andrew Stanton and produced by Walt Disney Pictures, this production was massive and exciting to work on. The quality of work from all the VFX vendors was impressive. We enjoyed watching it on the big screen at the Team Screening here in London, as much as working on it at Double Negative. John Carter is now available on DVD and BluRay.

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The Foundry Showreel 2012

And for the second year, some of Sebastian’s work was chosen to be cut into the The Foundry’s Showreel for 2012. This time some of his work on Captain America as a Digital Compositor. Thanks The Foundry. We could get used to this. :)

The Foundry Showreel 2012