The Foundry Showreel 2011

We are very proud that The Foundry, developer of the industries standard compositing package Nuke, chose Sebastian’s Opening Shot from “Lilly the Witch II” to be shown in their company showreel of 2011 amongst so many mind-blowing shots. Thank you very much!

The Foundry’s Showreel 2011

John Carter - Trailer

John Carter
Disney/Pixar released the Trailer of John Carter. Still some time to go until the movie’s release. It’s a nice upfront appetizer anyway.

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Captain America: The First Avenger

Marvel’s Captain America - The First Avenger is done and coming into cinema’s 22th of July. All in all this was a tough project but with an amazing crew at DNEG to work with. We already moved on working on the next project John Carter. Exciting stuff coming up!

Apple Trailer Site Official Website

Double Negative - London

In January we both joined Double Negative in Soho, London. Just recently DNEG won the OSCAR for Visual Effects, 3 VES awards and the BAFTA award for Special Visual Effects for Christopher Nolan’s “Inception”. We are very excited about joining this Award Winning VFX Studio and to become a part of this remarkable crew with 900+ staff. Our first project to work on is Captain America: The First Avenger.


Double Negative