The Ghost(writer)

We just finished our work on “The Ghostwriter”, the upcoming movie from director Roman Polanski, based on the novel from Robert Harris. We worked on this movie at Scanline VFX in Munich and are now again at Trixter Film.

Official Website Movie Trailer

Niko - Ein Rentier hebt ab

Finally, since the 5th of November 2009 Niko & The Way to the Stars has found its way into german cinemas.
We worked at Pictorion Magma in Hamburg on the first two sequences back in 2007.

Official Website Movie Trailer

Ninja Assassin Trailer released

Finally the first official Trailer of „Ninja Assassin“ has been released with lots of shots from the company Trixter Film GmbH we’ve worked for on this show.

Watch the Trailer Official Website

Wickie und die starken Männer

We just finished working on our second feature film from director Michael “Bully” Herbig called “Wickie und die starken Männer”. Official start in German theatres will be the 9th of September 2009. Again we’ve worked on this show for TRIXTER Film GmbH in Munich. The movie was produced by herbX film Produktion.

Watch the Official Site

Ninja Assassin

Ninja Assassin
Short time ago we finished our last shots for “Ninja Assassin”, directed by James McTeigue (V for Vendetta) and produced by Andy & Larry Wachowski (Matrix) for Warner Bros. Picture. Starting date in theatres is the 25th of November.
This was another project we’ve worked on at TRIXTER Film GmbH in Munich.

Die Vorstadtkrokodile

Lately we finished “Die Vorstadtkrokodile” from Director Christian Ditter. Besides another International Feature Film, we’ve been working on this show at TRIXTER Film GmbH since September 2008. “Die Vorstadtkrokodile” is a Constantin Film production and starting in german theatres on 26th of March 2009.

Watch the Trailer at, also available in HD 720p and take your kids to the movies.

Die Jahrhundertlawine on Air Feb. 08th 2009

Tonight, Feb. 8th 2009 at 08.15 pm, german TV Broadcaster “RTL” shows “Die Jahrhundertlawine”. The TV drama is based on the catastrophe on Feb. 23th 1999 when an Alpine avalanche killed 31 people in the small Alpine village of Galtür, Austria. We worked on lots of Compositing Shots for this show, integrating CG Elements, Mattepaintings and also Greenscreen Extractions, back in August / September at CA Scanline in Munich.
Watch the trailer at RTL-TV Program